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Wardrobe Door Gear No.2 Sliding Track Runner Slik Ball Race Aluminium Steel

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  • Model: 08SL002
  • Units in Stock: 100
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    08SL002 (Available in retail packaging only)

  • Ideal for built-in storage space and wardrobes.
  • Doors are allowed to bypass each other smoothly carried by nylon wheels on strong aluminium tracks.
  • The system has two separate top tracks to allow fitment of thicker and heavier doors.
  • The bottom channel fits to the door to leave the floor clear and provide easy access.
  • For fitting two or more doors to bypass each other.
  • 914mm (3’0?), 1219mm (4’0?), 1524mm (5’0?) & 1828mm (6’0?) kits supplied with fittings for 2 doors.
  • 2438mm (8’0?) kit supplied with fittings for 3 doors.
  • Adaptable to function with more doors per system using Fittings Kits SS2.
  • Maximum weight for each door should not exceed 20kg (44lbs).
  • Total weight of all doors should not exceed 40kg (88lbs).
  • Minimum door thickness 16mm (5/8?).
  • Maximum door width 1.22m (4’0?).
  • Maximum door height 2.19m (7’6?).

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