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Filler, wood filler, decorators filler, caulk

  • Model: woodfiller
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We stock wood fillers and decorator's fillers as described below.

Single part wood fillers

A single part filler means that it is air dried and does not require a hardener. They are only suitable for small holes such as nail/pin holes. In the drop down menu there are two types of single part filler: 'stainable' and 'extra stainable'. The 'Extra stainable' takes the stain better than the plain 'stainable' hence the variation in available colours.

Two part wood filler

A two part filler requires a harder to be mixed in with it. This is suitable for large volumes of required filler. This filler is stainable.

Powder decorators filler

This is your typical decoractors filler for filling cracks in plaster. It is sandable and overpaintable.


Caulk comes in a silicone tube and is squeezed out using a skeleten gun like silicone. It is mainly used for the gaps between skirting boards and the walls they are attached to as it is flexible and it's application is extremely fast. It is NOT sandable.

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