Cill and Head Drip Options

Cill options

Cills are a timber section at the bottom of the window. These can be a flush cill with no projection, a stub cill with either a 32 or 44mm projection, or a protruding cill with a 70mm projection. Pictures of the 3 choices are below. We can do different cill projections on request.

    Protruding Sill
    Protruding Cill - 69mm Projection
    Stub Cill
    Stub Cill
    Stub Cill
    Flush Cill

Head Drip Options

A head drip is fixed at the top of the window to divert water from the opening parts. We can either supply or omit the head drip section from your windows. Our standard head drip protrudes 27mm from the face of the frame and is top fixed so fixings are concealed when fitted. Note, if you require trickle vents in your window a head drip is default as the drip acts as the external canopy for the vents. The pictures below show both windows with and without drips.

    Head Drip
    With Head Drip
    without Head Drip
    Without Head Drip