Instruction for Accepting Deliveries

All our couriers need the following steps to be adhered to. If the below is followed correctly, it should safeguard you from any damages arising from courier mishandling.

We always recommend that you are present at the time of delivery as you will need to follow the below procedure on receiving the delivery. If you cannot be present then please make sure the person receiving the goods is aware of the guidance below.

Procedure on Delivery

1) Please check that you have the correct number of items as written on your delivery note. This is the most important step because if you sign for 3 items and have only received 2 then on paper all 3 items have been delivered; the courier will not be liable for the missing items, you will.

2) Your post code will be on each item. Please check it is your post code written on the items and nobody elses. Courier drivers have been known to mix goods up which can cause major problems.

3) The packaging and goods must be checked for damage thoroughly. Remember when you sign for goods you are signing that they are in good condition unless you state in writing on the delivery note otherwise. Note: Writing 'unchecked' next to your signature is not going to protect you as all goods need to be checked at the time of signing. Damaged packaging may indicate damaged goods. If the courier driver asks you to sign for your delivery where the goods or packaging are damaged, you must take action by one of the following options:

a) If you feel that it is just the packaging that is damaged but are not certain if the goods are damaged, you must write 'damaged' on the couriers delivery note before signing. If you don't write 'damaged' on the delivery note you will have to stand the cost of any damage yourself. If you have written 'damaged' on the delivery note, the courier will stand the cost of any damage.

b) If you feel the goods are damaged beyond your satisfaction you can decline to sign the delivery note and let the courier return the goods to us.

c) If you are unsure on what to do when the courier arrives and the delivery is within our working hours please call us on 01623 528846, before signing for the goods.

Please note that any treating, cutting or fitting of the item denotes acceptance of the item. Therefore, please ensure you thoroughly check the item for damage before doing anything to it.

Damages or Incorrect Delivery after Courier Driver has left

In the unfortunate event that you find that your goods are damaged after the courier driver has left please inform us within 24 hours by contacting us immediately on 01623 528846. As long as you have followed the above instructions we will then organize for a courier to collect the item. Once the item has been returned to us and we have checked it we will dispatch new goods to you ASAP. For stock items, in non remote areas, this process will normally take around 10 working days. We will not send replacements out until we have the original item back. Some items, e.g., seconds windows, are not replaceable as they are one offs.

NOTE: Replacements can only be sent free of charge if you have declared the item 'damaged' on the couriers note. We reserve the right to refuse or charge for replacements if these steps have not been followed. We cannot be held liable for fitting costs incurred by goods arriving late or damaged.

No Delivery Made

In the unfortunate event that you that your goods have not arrived at all, please inform us within 7 working days of their expected arrival date. We can only apologise if this is the case and is usually when the courier has had a mix up on route. All we can do in this instance is to try and track down the goods and get them to you as soon as we can, or back to us if a refund is required. The courier and therefore ourselves, cannot do anything if 30 days pass the expected delivery date, so please ensure to inform us ASAP if your delivery is missing.  

Glass Handling Guide

When having glass delivered with your items, our glass is sometimes supplied loose for you to fit on site and so if it is not handled or stored correctly, you risk breaking the glass, even if it is toughened. Please follow the below guidance:

1) Prior to delivery, ensure you have a clear area to put the glass, where it can be safely left until you need it.

2) Always stand the glass on edge, leant against a wall. Always protect the first piece that is leant against the wall, e.g., with vertical timber laths, or a sheet of ply. Never lay glass flat.

3) Always put glass onto timber laths, equally spaced for the piece of glass, so the weight is evenly distributed. Never put the glass down directly onto concrete, or other hard flooring, as this will break the glass.

4) When leaning one glass piece onto the next,always make sure the pads stuck to the glass are between them. Never put glass to glass directly.

5) Avoid putting glass on the corner as this could break the unit, even if it is toughened. Always put the glass down squarely on the edge. One small knock on a corner of glass can shatter it.

6) When moving the glass, please make sure that you are only picking up what you intend to. The glass can stick to the pads, or can be stuck through suction, e.g., you may only intend to pick up one pane, but the pane behind is stuck to it. This will then drop when the glass loses its grip and could smash.

7) Most glass will be delivered loose. This means that it is easy to visually check off for damage. They will me marked, with a special glass marker, with your postcode and be numbered as one of the total number of items you have ordered. This marking will be easily wiped off with a wet cloth, but will not rub off when dry. After fitting, it will be necessary to clean your glass as a matter of course. The marker will be removed during this step.

8) Some glass will be bubble wrapped, particularly if they are small units. Please ensure that you unwrap these parcels while the courier is present, to make sure none of the glass is broken. The outer wrapping with be marked to show your postcode and be numbered as one of the items to your delivery

9)Always check the glass thoroughly BEFORE signing for your delivery. As with all items, unless you document any damage on the delivery note before signing, it cannot be replaced free of charge. Once signed for, the glass is your responsibility, so please follow this guidance.