Terms & Conditions


There are 3 available payment options: Direct telegraphic bank transfer, Paypal and credit/debit cards via Sagepay. Unfortunately, we cannot accept card payments over the phone for items on this site. If you need to pay by card, Paypal is your only option.

Orders will not be processed until full payment is received. If you choose to pay by bank transfer and do not pay within 3 days your order date, your order will be cancelled and the items put back into stock.

Please DO NOT pay cash or cheque into our account at a branch, otherwise you may incur penalties*.


There are several delivery services which we use for our products. These are filtered through the checkout to only offer the ones applicable to your full order. It is a condition of the sale that you have read the all the delivery information provided for your chosen service along with our instructions upon delivery page. These pages contain information essential for you to know what is expected of you by each service, and what you should expect of your chosen service.

Any Alteration Denotes Acceptance

It is a common issue that people start the fitting, cutting or treatment of the product BEFORE fully checking the item over. Timber products can have defects and are easily damaged on delivery or even collection. You must always check any item over before doing any work to it. If you carry out any kind of work to your item and then find a fault in the product, we may refuse replacement or refund if the fault is not a warranty or manufacturing issue. For instance, if you cut down a piece of timber, fit it and then find that there is a knot missing, we would not be able to uphold any kind of refund for this. 


You have statutory warranty with all our products. Some of our products come with a manufacturers warranty, which we pass on as part of the sale. Manufacturers warranties carry their own terms and conditions, so please ask before completing your order, for any details of warranties and their terms, applicable to your items. Any warranties, be it statutory or manufacturers, only covers replacement of the goods or faulty components, and not labour or materials in fitting or finishing. Note: We cannot know all the circumstances in which our products are stored and installed. For this reason, we regret, we are unable to give any guarantee against shrinkage, warping or splitting. Also, due to the fact that some items are clearance stock, we may not be able to replace them. This does not affect your statutory rights.

Problems and Time Limit to Report Them

Anything that is not as it should be with this item should be reported to us within the shortest possible time. The length of time that we give a customer to report a fault to us depends on what the fault is. If the fault is obvious like damage in transit then we expect this to be documented on the couriers consignment note and us informed about it immediately. For missing components like beading or ironmongery we would give you 3 days to report this. If it's a manufacturing fault that isn't obvious until fitting takes place, then this would probably be deemed as a warranty issue where longer time limits are given. Whatever the fault is, the first thing we need are photos of it. From these photos we can discuss your options. If we have to collect the item from you for replacement, then we would ask for your patience please, as we need to get the item picked up and examined by us before we dispatch a replacement, that's if a replacement is possible, or give a possible refund. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate for wasted labour charges and time.

No Delivery Made

In the unfortunate event that you that your goods have not arrived at all, please inform us within 7 working days of their expected arrival date. We can only apologise if this is the case and is usually when the courier has had a mix up on route. All we can do in this instance is to try and track down the goods and get them to you as soon as we can, or back to us if a refund is required. The courier and therefore ourselves, cannot do anything if 30 days pass the expected delivery date, so please ensure to inform us ASAP if your delivery is missing.

Arranging Fitting

A common misfortune that people can fall foul of is arranging tradesmen around when they are expecting to receive their goods. If their goods don't turn up when they expect or they arrive damaged they may have to pay wasted labour charges. We always recommend that you wait until you receive the goods before arranging tradesmen. Sometimes errors or faults in an item cannot be detected until installation is underway which may prove prohibitive to the installer. Please try to make provision for this happening as, even in this circumstance, we will not compensate for wasted labour costs.

Problems with Collected Goods

If you have purchased an item and you collect it from us, you are responsible to bring it back to us if it's found to be faulty. This is something that must be considered if you choose to collect and you are a significant distance from us. We will not compensate you for traveling costs.


If you decide that you no longer want your goods after they have been delivered to you, and you want a refund, then you will incur the return carriage costs in getting the item back to us. The goods will have to be in resalable condition, including undamaged packaging. If you want to return your unwanted goods then you must inform us within 14 days of receiving them. If the goods are being returned for any other reason than that they are faulty, then we will only refund the initial cost of the items, the original outgoing postage charge will not be refunded.  


Timber will always expand or contract depending on the moisture content of the surrounding air. If timber is stored for a lengthy period of time in a environment which has a greatly different moisture content to where it is to be installed the timber will expand or contract a lot more than it is supposed to. This problem might arise where timber products, such as doors which are kept in a garage with a flat roof. In summer the garage becomes very hot and dries the timber out. When the door is installed it will take in moisture from the air and swell which could be very detrimental to the door. Ideally, timber products should be stored for the minimum amount of time and installed as soon as possible.

Errors in the Listing

Whilst every attempt is made to ensure the accuracy of our product descriptions, photographs and quantities, occasionally due to human error these may be incorrect. If this is the case we apologise in advance. If errors are found before dispatch, we will contact you ASAP. If your items have arrived and are incorrect to the description or photo, please follow the instructions on the returns and problems page. Unfortunately, if either of these scenarios are the case, we cannot do anything to compensate you, beyond offering a refund.

*Penalties: £50 charge or 5% of the value of the goods whichever is the greater. Your order will be cancelled (unless you pay again in the correct manner) and refunded 4 months from your payment date.