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Accoya sill front

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Model: ACPOC
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  • Accoya timber. Accoya is a chemically modified timber treated by a process of acetylation. This makes the timber incredibly stable and long lasting. Well treated and maintained, Accoya should last over 50 years. Also, due to its stability, paints/stains last longer between maintenance.
  • The purpose of this item is to form an external sill on the front of a window. See photos.
  • The length is selected from the drop down menu above.
  • Suitable for staining or painting, oil based products must be used. When painting, the paint should have stain blocking properties, as the timber can bleed into coatings.
  • If using any metal fixings, then only genuine stainless steel can be used. This is due to the timbers acidity.
  • This is thoroughly dried out during its modification process, to which in the process it gets hairline splits that have no detrimental effect on the product. These are just to be filled in painting.

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