Stormproof Casement

For an instant price on our made to measure windows please use our windows pricing calculator. Alternatively, please email your list of sizes along with an idea of the layout of your windows.

Our double glazed stormproof timber windows are fully CE marked and have an A rating for energy on softwood and accoya windows, and a B rating on hardwood and oak windows, so you can be sure they will exceed the part L requirement of building regulations. Our made to measure windows are also heavily quality checked through manufacture to ensure our wooden windows are of a high standard and meet the agreed specification. Our accreditations are shown below:

A Rated Wooden Timber Casement Windows  Quality Control Mark for Timber Windows  CE Marked Timber Windows  B Rated Wooden Timber Casement Windows

Our wooden stormproof casement windows are available with a massive range of options. These are:

  • Timber Type: Softwood, Sapele, Iroko and Oak. We can also use Accoya which has a massive range of benefits.
  • Moulding Choice: We can offer several internal mouldings so we can tailor the internal appearance of your window to suit your decor. We can use simple chamfers for a contemporary feel, or an ovalo mould for the traditional appearance, or even a mix of the two. We also do heritage patterns for single glazed timber windows for listed buildings.
  • Glazing bar types: Real glazing bars at 47mm wide where you will need individual panes of glass and 21mm wide imitation stick on glazing bars, where a single pane of glass with duplex spacers within the glass is used and timber bars are stuck over the top. We also do glazing bars to suit heritage windows for single glazing and slimlite double glazing units. These are 23 and 27mm wide respectively.
  • Cill and head drip options: 70mm projection cill, 44mm projection stub cill, 32mm projection stub cill and flush cill (non protruding). We can do other projections on request. We can either use a head drip with a 27mm projection, or omit the head drip.
  • Locking types: All our ironmongery is locking as standard. We can increase the security by adding in multipoint locks if required.
  • Ironmongery colours: Brass, chrome, satin chrome and black antique are our standard choices for our stormproof timber windows.
  • Hinge Type: We can use stormproof butt hinges, standard friction hinges, egress friction hinges and easy clean egress friction hinges.
  • Draught Seal colour: We can use either white or black draught seal.
  • Trickle vents: We can add trickle vents on request. These are either in white or brown. Our windows use the timber head drip as the canopy, so you do not get unsightly plastic canopies on the external side, like you do on some wooden windows.
  • Fire escape options: On narrow windows which do not automatically meet fire escape regs, when they are 2 sections wide or more, we can offer the installation of a flying mullion (sometimes called a french mullion), which, with the correct hinge type, will make your timber windows meet fire escape regulations. On narrow single section windows E.G. less than 580mm wide a fire escape opening is not possible.
  • Glass options: As standard our energy rated wooden windows all use 24mm double glazed units with a low iron outer pane, 16mm argon filled cavity with warm edge spacers and a softcoat inner pane. The warm edge spacers can be in either black or grey. We also offer patterned, sandblasted and toughened glass units on request. We also do single glazing to suit heritage windows and can produce other double glazing configurations on request. Other configurations would not carry the energy ratingthough. We can also provide windows with no glass, but when provided with no glass, they cannot be provided the CE or energy rating marks.
  • Finishing: We can offer windows fully finished in a paint/stain colours of your choosing, windows just primed or windows left bare for you to finish. We can even offer a dual colour finish which is a different colour externally to internally. Our paints and stains are water based and are spray applied in our own spraybooth. We have a standard range of colour for you to choose from, but can use any RAL or BS colours.

All these windows are produced in our own workshop in Sutton in Ashfield. We, therefore, have full control of your stormproof timber windows right from quote to delivery. The procedure from quote to delivery is as follows: You request your quote via email > We return with a quote based on your request > We make any changes you request and resend the quote > You accept the quote > We return with an order confirmation > You approve the order and make payment > The goods are put in the queue and aremade > Goods are quality checked at several stages through manufacture > We contact you to let you know the order is complete > The order is delivered.

The order confirmation mentioned above is the final (and most important) document you will receive and forms the paperwork that your order will be produced to. This order confirmation document will supersede all previous communications and so this is why your are asked to check it and confirm that it is correct. By the use of this document, you can be sure that what you are delivered, will be exactly what you have ordered. Our timber window quality control procedures are documented checks which are carriedout before assembly, and then after assembly. In the instance of finishing on the windows, we also check at the preparation stage and after the finish has been applied. All this combined means that every timber window that leaves our workshop is all of the same high standard. Our quality control system is audited by a third party and so we have been awarded the CMS mark as shown above, which is a symbol of our commitment to quality checking our timber windows.