Ironmongery and Locking

Ironmongery Colours

Below are the fasteners and stays that we use on our windows and the colours they are available in.

    Real Glaizng Bar
    Bright Chrome
    Stick on Glazing Bar
    Satin Chrome
    Stick on Glazing Bar
    Black Antique

Locking Systems

As standard we simply use locking fasteners and stays (stays non locking on antique) to add security. We can also use multipoint locking systems to add security. These can be teamed with either butt hinges and stays for a traditional feel, but with the added security, or can be used with friction hinges and no stay. 



We can use either butt hinges or friction style hinges for your windows. Butt hinges are the traditional type where the hinge knuckle is visible and friction hinges are a scissor type which are hidden in the rebate. Friction hinges omit the need for a stay. Friction hinges are available as a standard type, 90° egress (fire escape) or 90° egress (fire escape) easy clean type. The 90° versions can only be used on stormproof windows however.

Internal image of multi-point locking  Casement window with friction hinges  Casement window with traditional basic stay