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Accoya door and frame set

Made to Measure
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Model: accoyadoorset
Accoya external door set

Accoya external door set

This is a door and frame set that we have manufactured for one of our customers to their specifications and design. It has an extremely high specification and is made from the new state of the art timber called 'accoya'. This timber comes with a 50 year guarantee. Accoya is even guaranteed to last 25 years in the ground without any treatment or protection. Please see Accoya's website. The timber has virtually no swell or contraction so there is no seasonal movement, i.e., binding of the door in the winter. Because there is virtually no dimensional movement in the timber the paint that is applied to it lasts several times longer than with other timbers due to the paint not being stressed and destressed like an elastic band year in year out. Because of this our paint supplier offers a warranty of up to 12 years with Accoya. They only offer this warranty with Accoya. All this makes the door virtually free from maintenance. Accoya also has superior insulation properties to any other timber and often gives rise to a higher energy rating.

The frame has a low threshold sill but we could have made it will an ordinary sill. It has espag multipoint locking with 3D adjustable hinges. The treatment used on this door is a stain. We can manuacture to any size. You will not be dissapointed with this product. It rivals the low maintenance of plastic windows and doors but with the beauty of timber.

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Int ref:Ron Currie Made to Measure /150/2300/1200/250

Manufacturer: Ron Currie Made to Measure