Joinery Deliveries

Joinery Delivery Services

We use 2 different services for delivery each will have its own timescale. This is the timing after your goods have been produced and are ready to send. The 2 methods we use are:

  • For smaller orders - Usually within 7 working days (some areas take a few days extra). Service as described on our website here. This service is generally used for smaller orders where delivery on the direct service would be much more costly. 
  • For larger orders - Can be done on a day of your choosing. Service as described on our website here. This is generally used for large orders, smaller orders if you choose to pay extra for it, or if the mileage rate is cheaper than the cost on the 7 day service.
Both services are used regularly to carry our made to measure items and are well briefed on how to handle and carry our items safely. Both are local firms to us and employ a small number of workers and the goods do not go through a chain of warehouses and hubs, so the chance of damage is vastly reduced. On the light haulage service, they get collected from here and taken to the courier's warehouse where they remain until they are due for delivery, at which point they get loaded onto the delivering vehicle. With the direct service, the courier collects from us and drives directly to you, so we can literally make sure all items are safe in the van when dispatching.

For the "Light Haulage" service, it is imperative that you can be contacted by phone so that the courier can book in with you. They normally call the day before coming to give you a timeslot for delivery as detailed on the website page for this service.  

Important points and instruction on receiving delivery for both services:

  • Both services are a one man delivery service. This means that someone able bodied must be able to assist in unloading at the time of delivery. This will be the case with most joinery items as they are usually heavy. 
  • You must check your items at the time of delivery before signing for them and not any issues on the delivery note. This is especially important with loose glass. Failure to note any damage, may result in replacements or repairs being chargeable.
  • Check the number of items received tallies with the item count on your delivery note, and if delivery is by the "Light Haulage" method, that all the items have your postcode on them. This is important to ensure you have received all that is sent and that you have your items. 
  • The delivery is for kerbside delivery only. You can request that the delivery driver assist you in putting the joinery items where you intend to store them, but this is down to the driver's discretion whether to do so. Mostly they will assist if they feel it safe and practical to do so.
  • Should you invite the driver into your property beyond the kerbside, you do so at your own risk. Ron Currie and Sons, or the courier company will not be liable for any damages caused to your property or the items, from assisting you get your joinery items to where you want them.


Unfortunately, as well as things may be planned and executed, unforeseen things can happen. If this is the case during your delivery, we apologise in advance. However, there are a number of things to highlight that can happen. The below may affect timings and you ability to fit your joinery items, so please do not organise fitting or tradespeople until you have all your items and are happy with them. Some issues could be as follows:

Production issues - Very rarely, we encounter problems during production, such as machine breakdowns, 3rd party items (e.g. glass) arriving late/incorrect or illness to personnel. In extreme cases this can delay production to a point that we have to push back production of your items whilst the issue is resolved. We will inform you at the immediate point where we know of an issue that will affect your order. This is a very rare occurrence and should this happen to yourself we apologise for this in advance.    

Failure to deliver as arranged - Very occasionally this can happen due to unforeseen circumstances such as breakdowns and traffic issues. You will be informed as soon as is possible of this kind of issue. If this happens outside of our office hours, then the courier should contact you and we will follow up once we are open again. We can only apologise if this happens to you.

Missing or damaged items (after delivery has been made) - Should you find that some items are missing or damaged after the delivery has been made, you need to inform us as soon as possible. For this type of issue, you have a maximum of 3 days to report it. We would, therefore, recommend that your joinery items are unwrapped and all items are tallied. If the glass is loose, please ensure you have beading in the correct quantity, glazing tapes and packers present. Also, check for any loose components, such as trickle vents and ironmongery have been included. Just like with flat pack furniture, check everything is there before starting or organising work. For any damage claims, we will first and foremost need photos of the issues.   

Items are incorrect - If you believe your joinery items are incorrect, first and foremost check your specification document. Any made to measure joinery is approved by you the customer prior to payment being taken and the items being produced. The specification document is what is used by the joiner, along with a cutting list to produce your goods. We will only address claims for incorrect products if they are supplied different or incorrectly to the agreed specification. If they are supplied to the specification agreed then any alterations or changes will be chargeable. With this in mind, it is imperative you fully check your specification before approving.

Any of the above issues will result in delays to your project, which we unreservedly apologise for in advance. However, Ron Currie and Sons will not be held liable for any tradesmen's cost due late or incorrect delivery. With this in mind please DO NOT ORGANISE TRADESPEOPLE UNTIL YOU HAVE YOUR GOODS.