Next Working Day Courier

(or 3-5 working days for some areas)

Please make sure you are in on your delivery day.

Important Note: This service is NOT recommended for glazed items. This service is designed to take unglazed items only. For certain products, we will offer this service for glazed items. If this service is offered for glazed items, you accept this at your own risk.Glazed items are not insured in transit on this service. This service, however, is faster and cheaper than the other services, so for certain products we will offer this service.

For this delivery service we use a large multidrop courier. We wrap the goods well for this delivery service because they have to go through a distribution warehouse system via several lorries. This courier will deliver the following working day if you order before the 'cut off time'. The 'cut off time' is 12 noon on any working day. If you order after this time you goods will arrive 2 working days later. You have the option to specify which working day you would like to receive your goods, E.G. if you ordered Monday, you could request delivery for Friday and we would know to dispatch it Thursday. Once we have dispatched your items, you will receive an email telling you that we have sent it. Your goods will then arrive the next working day between 8am and 6pm. Its is very important that you (or someone representing you) are there to sign for your goods. If there is no answer at your address, or nobody present to sign for your goods the courier will do one of 3 things:

  • Firstly, he may take the goods back with him to his depot and may put a card through your door instructing you to ring your local depot and re-organise delivery for a different working day.
  • Secondly, he may drop the goods at one of your neighbours. Your neighbour is likely to simply sign for the item without checking it for damage first. If this occurs and your neighbour has signed for the items in good condition, without documenting any damage, then there will be nothing we can do to compensate you.
  • Finally, the driver may find a random passing person to sign for the goods, at which point it is very likely the goods will go missing. If we get into a situation where you say you haven't had the goods and the courier company has a clean signature, an investigation is initiated by the courier company, which can take up to 3 months.

All 3 of the above scenarios are within the courier companies' terms and conditions,so please make sure there is someone responsible in. A responsible person being in to accept your delivery is a condition of sale.

Please make sure you read our instructions upon delivery page. If you are getting someone else to receive your delivery, please make sure they have read and are willing to carry out the instructions on the instructions upon delivery page. It is the purchaser (your) responsibility to make sure these instructions are followed. If they are not, then you will be liable for any consequences arising from not following the procedure. If you have a door bell, try and make sure it is working. Make sure you are able to hear the courier driver knocking on your door. This courier is always in a hurry and will not make any further efforts to find you other than knocking on your front door. If you think you might be out of hearing range of your front door then please leave a note on your front door instructing the delivery driver to try round the back or to try knocking on any other doors or windows you may have.

There are disadvantages to this service. You will have packaging to dispose of like MDF, cardboard, cardboard tubes or bubble wrap. We sometimes use staples to fasten the packaging down with. These staples will have to be pulled out with pliers being careful not to damage the soft timber. The very small holes (less than 1mm) that the staples leave behind will have to be filled. There is about a 2% chance that your goods will arrive damaged and about a 2% chance that your goods will not arrive the next day. We apologise in advance for this.

Please be as helpful as you can to the delivery drivers. Delivery drivers are more likely to go beyond the call of duty if you are courteous with them. The delivery charge only covers getting the goods to your address and not for excessive labour. This particularly applies where the delivery address is hard to get to. If you have a complaint to make about the way in which a driver has spoken to you or how they have behaved, please email us.

Delivery Disclaimer

If you have not received your delivery by 18:00 on the delivery day, please email to let us know or call us the following day to chase it. Although the majority of parcels will arrive next working day as above, this is a non-guaranteed next working day service, so if you are one of the unfortunate people who has waited in all day and the delivery didn't arrive, we apologise in advance. This rarely happens but under certain conditions it does. If the courier damages your goods in transit, he may just send them straight back to us without informing you or us. This will result in you not getting your delivery on the arranged day. Sometimes this courier doesn't inform us of this for days later. In this case we would send a replacement. Courier firms are only contracted to deliver to your door step which has to be accessible and free from obstacles. If you invite the driver into your home, you do so at your own risk. We cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by late or incorrect delivery.


If you have dealt with us and you feel we may not have lived up to your expectations please email us with your comments, e.g., inaccuracies in our listings that we have missed; if you feel we have mislead you or not delivered on our promises in any way; communication not as it should etc..... We would like to show your comments as below. We will remove all your personal details. If you don’t want us to show your comments please say so. Thankyou.

Refusing delivery

If you refuse delivery of your goods you will lose your initial delivery charge and will be charged for the return fee. 

Complaints We Have Had About This Service

I have left positive feedback on the pigs ear stair rail I purchased this week, which was delivered yesterday, and is in a satisfactory condition. However, as you sent me instructions specifying that the item should be inspected and the delivery note signed, I should tell you that the courier (Nightfreight) did not contact me beforehand, or deliver the item to my home, but instead delivered it to a neighbour 3 doors away, even though I was at home and the doorbell was working. I saw the vehicle outside, but only knew that the item had been delivered elsewhere when a note was put through my door by a young boy, who was working with the courier, saying they had missed me, and giving the neighbour's flat number. By the time I came out, the lorry was just leaving, and the boy pointed to the neighbour's door. I was given no opportunity to inspect the goods, or sign for it. I know that you can't control what your couriers do, but if the item had been damaged, I could not return it, as I hadn't been able to follow the procedure required. I thought you should be made aware of this.

Regards, Customer A.