Within 7 Working Day Courier

(up to 14 working days for some areas)

This service is recommended for glazed items.

For this delivery service your goods will travel with a small 'man in a van' type courier firm that employs a small number of employees that work closely with the owner. The handling of your goods will be kept to a minimum, i.e., not passed from pillar to post as with the large courier firms. This helps to virtually eliminate the chance of damage to your product. The delivery time for this courier is stated as you go through the checkout system, and is dependent on your location. We tend use this service when one of your items carries glass, or is in need of a more delicate delivery service. We do not tend to heavily wrap the goods with this service as they are so well cared for.

Please note: This service is a one man delivery service and so for large items you will need to ensure that a physically capable person is available to assist in unloading at the time of delivery. If the driver feels that the person assisting will not be able to lift the items, they will be returned to us and delivery will be charged again.

With this service, the courier will call you directly the day before your delivery will take place and will usually give you a 2 hour time slot. In some cases, usually if delivery is to the more remote areas, he cannot give you an exact time slot. This day is allocated by the courier, you cannot choose the day yourself. If you are unavailable to accept delivery on the day given, you will go back into the delivery company's cycle for next time they are in your area.

For this service, it is imperative that you are available to be contacted by phone. If the courier cannot get through to you by phone, he may try to deliver the item anyway. Either way, it is very important that you (or someone representing you) are there to sign for the goods. If you are not in, the courier may drop your goods round at your neighbours. Your neighbour will probably not be as diligent as you in checking that the item is in good condition. If the goods are damaged and your neighbour has signed for them in good condition there is nothing we will be able to do to compensate you.

If this courier has arranged a certain time and date for delivery and he cannot find some to sign for the goods when he arrives, you will be charged for another delivery. Please make sure you (or the person representing you) reads our instructions upon delivery page. Please be as helpful as you can to the delivery drivers. Delivery drivers are more likely to go beyond the call of duty if you are courteous with them. The delivery charge only covers getting the goods to your address and not for excessive labour. This particularly applies where the delivery address is hard to get to. If you have a complaint to make about the way in which a driver has spoken to you or how they have behaved, please email us.

How to Handle Courier Drivers

The courier requires a signature from you when he delivers your goods. You must check your delivered goods for damage before you sign the courier's delivery note. If any part of the goods (including any packaging) appears damaged, it must be declared in writing on the courier's delivery note. Damaged packaging often means damaged goods. If the goods arrive in an unacceptable condition you may refuse to sign for them and the courier will send them back to us. Please remember, when you sign for goods, you are signing for them in good condition unless you state otherwise. Failure to note any damage, in writing on the delivery note, will mean you have to pay again. At the time of the delivery, if you are unsure on what to do, please call us on 01623 528846. If someone else is receiving your delivery for you, it is up to you to make sure they know this guidance and can act upon it. Make sure all your items have your post code on and make sure you have been delivered the correct number of items according to what it says on the delivery note.

Delivery Disclaimer

If you are one of the unfortunate people who has waited in all day and the delivery didn't arrive, we apologise in advance. This rarely happens but under certain conditions, like a breakdown, it does. In the event your goods are damaged in transit, the courier will bring the goods back to us where we will decide what course of action to take. Please be aware that in this event It could take up the full delivery time again to rectify this problem. Courier firms are only contracted to deliver to your door step which has to be accessible and free from obstacles. If you invite the driver into your home, you do so at your own risk. On some occasions deliveries may turn up late, be incorrect or arrive damaged, for this reason we strongly recommend that you don't organise any tradesmen until you have all your goods, have checked through them and are happy with everything. We recommend this as tradesmen may charge for wasted time, turning up with nothing to fit. We accept no liabilities if you choose no ignore our advice and book your tradesmen before receiving your goods in a satisfactory condition.


Always check your sizes before ordering and on receiving the goods. We need to be notified of any return within 24hrs of receipt. They must be returned in the condition they are received in. Unwrapping from the manufacturers packaging (polythene), cutting, treating, fitting or chopping denotes acceptance of the goods and they cannot be returned. Any returns are the buyers responsibility to return to us. All returns are subject to a minimum of 10% handling charge. Postage is non refundable. Second goods cannot be returned. Made to measure items cannot be returned unless made incorrectly to the agreed specification. We reserve the right to refuse refund if the goods are not returned in saleable condition.

Refusing delivery

If you refuse delivery of your goods you will lose your initial delivery charge and will be charged for the return fee. 


If you have dealt with us and you feel we may not have lived up to your expectations please email us with your comments, e.g., inaccuracies in your specification we have missed; if you feel we have mislead you or not delivered on our promises in any way; communication not as it should etc..... We will not pass on your comments to third parties. We might like to show your comments on our website. If you are happy with this, please give your permission for us to do so. Thank you.