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Oak MDF Wall Panelling

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Oak Veneered MDF matchboard bead and butt wall panelling

 Two types are available from the above drop down menu which are described below:-

Complete Oak with Insert

For this version, the boards have a strip of real Oak glued into the panel where the item is grooved. This means the board appears fully oak faced and will all stain and finish to a uniform finish.

Incomplete Oak without Oak insert

For this version the bead and but pattern is machined through the oak veneer face, revealing the bare MDF behind it. Although this is not massively different in its raw state, would become more apparent on finishing, particularly with a light-mid coloured stain. However, this version is a lot lesser cost.

Both panels have the same make up as follows:

  • 9mm thick MDF over veneered. 
  • 100mm pitch between grooves
  • Beaded Design (bead and butt).
  • Bead and butt pattern continuous once butted together.  The join point is centrally on the flat face between the bead and butt effect. This means the square edge when butted together may not sit 100% flat, so an oak D mould or other trim may be required to hide the joint. We have Oak D mould and other trims/dados available in our shop to add these finishing touches.
  • Size 1216x811x9mm panel the grooves run along the 811mm. 

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