3-5 Working Day Delivery

This service is a 3-5 working day courier following dispatch. We generally dispatch goods on this service within one working day of payment. We aim to dispatch any items paid for before 12 noon on the same day, as long as there are no payment or paypal issues (e.g. a non-confirmed address).

Instructions and Tips For This Service

This service takes 3-5 days for delivery. This service does not usually require a signature on delivery. However, if you are not in on the day of delivery, the courier may do one of three things:

  1. Leave your items in what they feel to be a safe place. The problem with this is that this place may not be ideal for the items you have purchased, or where you want the item to be left.
  2. They will put a card through your door for you to call up and reorganise delivery.
  3. If you tell us about a safe place you would like your items to be left, we can instruct the courier of this. This needs to be an easily accessible place, ideally to the front of your property, as we are unsure how far onto your property the drivers are allowed to go. Please consider the nature of you items when doing this (E.g. An untreated timber item should be sheltered from rain). Your item should then be left where requested. We apologise in advance if the courier fails to follow these instructions.
  4. Due to point 1 above, we STRONGLY recommend that you be present on the day of delivery. To facilitate this, you will be sent an email with tracking information when we book your delivery on the couriers system. You can log into this in the morning and it will normally tell you if the item is out for delivery on that day. This usually means that the delivery will take place on that day. If this is not the case we apologise in advance. For this to happen, you need to check that your email address is up to date to try to ensure you receive your tracking information. If you do not get this automatically, please contact us and we can give you your tracking number.

Instructions on Damages or Missing Items

In the unfortunate event that you find that your goods are damaged or have not arrived, please get in contact immediately via an ebay message.

For missing items, we will chase this through the couriers system first and foremost and try to locate your item. If we cannot locate it, we will issue a replacement or refund. This location process can take up to 3 working days, plus the usual 3-5 day delivery time if we have to issue replacements. This means that it could be up to 8 working days before you receive a replacement. We apologise and ask for your patience if you experience problems from missing items.

For damaged items, we will need pictures of the damage first and foremost. From these pictures, we will decide whether we need to collect the items or not. If we decide to collect, they take the usual 3-5 day delivery time from the date of collection. We ask that you try to make yourself available for collection, or may ask you to take it to a parcel shop to drop it off if it is more convenient for you, to expedite the return process. Once we have your items back, we can then issue replacements or a refund. If we issue a replacement, this will take 3-5 working days to re-deliver. Assuming that you are available for collection or can drop it off to a parcel shop within 1 working day, this process can take up to 12 working days. On rare occasions, the courier may decide to compensate us based on your photos, without collection. In this instance, as soon as we receive written notice of compensation from the courier, we can then issue a refund or replacement.

General Advice

Please do not organize trades people or commence any fitting, until you have all the correct goods in satisfactory condition. Trades people will charge for turning up even if they can’t do anything. We will not be liable for any tradesman’s costs even if the tradesman opens up the goods to find there is a problem.Please note that any treating, cutting or fitting of the item denotes acceptance of the item. Therefore, please ensure you thoroughly check the item for damage before doing anything to it.