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65-2mm Firrings 4.2m

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Model: 3firring
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  • Firring strips are used on flat roofs to create a slope for the rain to fall off.
  • They should be fitted on top of each joist.
  • This is for one single length of firring strip.
  • Length of 4.2m x 44mm wide.
  • 65mm to 2mm is the fall.
  • The fall is 1:67 which is greater then the usual standard of 1:80. Giving more fall.
  • NOTE: The thin end may break during delivery. The thin end is susceptible to breaking in delivery, but as they are designed to be fixed on top of each joist, this is of no detriment if the product is in pieces rather than the full length, as the slope will still be created.

Made to measure firrings

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