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Fire Check Door Casing

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This particular product has the following specification.

  • The overall width is 144mm.
  • The thickness at the front (rebate edge) is 32mm.
  • The timber is 44mm overall.
  • The listing is for one door casing only.
  • All the casings have a rebate taken out off one corner, which is 47mm x 12mm. This will make the casings suitable for 44mm thick doors.
  • Inside the face of the rebate is a groove for intumescent strips (not supplied).
  • Intumescent strips and other accessories can be purchased separately from the shop.
  • Supplied untreated so you are able to apply a similar finish to your doors.
  • Door casings can be reduced in depth for a cost.
  • You must ensure this is suitable for the fire door you are using it with, and meets the frame specification the fire door has been tested with. 

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Int ref:General Timber /15.5/2100/180/180

Manufacturer: General Timber